Our Farm

We started off with a quarter of an acre farm at Badlapur in Thane district, which acted as our test plot. There we really understood the challenges of organic farming and solutions to overcome them. We identified issues that a farmer needs to overcome in India to be profitable.


With the learning from our test plot, we decided to scale and become a farm-to-table operation that would own all three aspects of the business: farming, logistics and marketing. We bought a 10 acre farm in Raigad and partnered with an expert natural farmer in Dhule. Situated in different climatic zones, our farms in Raigad and Dhule enable us to provide a variety of produce throughout the year.


Having our own farms give us the control to plan long term production, keep tabs on day-to-day execution, ensure all the inputs are natural, regulate water usage, ensure fair labour practices, maintain holistic farming practices and most importantly, take steps like tree planting, well recharge, etc. geared towards longer term environment sustainability.

How We Farm

Feed the soil .. Naturally


We do not believe in short term boost provided by chemical fertilizers and instead focus on improving long-term soil fertility by continuously adding organic matter to soil like cow manure, wood shavings, farm waste, etc.

Protect the plants .. Naturally


We believe that a healthy ecosystem rears healthy plants. We focus on creating a diverse environment to mimic nature so as to avoid excessive pests. When necessary, we use insect nets, sprays like neem, etc. to deter pests

Companion Planting


In our attempt to mimic nature, we plant multiple symbiotic plants in the same area. This helps us with reducing pest attacks, increasing yield and plant a vast variety of vegetables

Crop Rotation


Every plant takes something from the soil and releases something into the soil. After the harvest, we try and plant the next crop which will benefit from what’s left and release more beneficial ingredients into the soil

Drip Irrigation


One of the ways we try and help conserve our environment is by regulating our farm’s water use. Drip Irrigation helps us to reduce our water usage by over 60% and also reduces the weeds on our beds