Our Food System Is In Trouble

The food system is the path that food travels from field to fork. It includes the growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consuming, and disposing of food.

Chemical reliance

Long-term soil health is completely ignored leading to reduced fertility

Toxins in food

Unregulated use of chemicals lead to compromised food quality

Broken supply chain

Gap in supply and demand leads to food wastage and low farm income

No seed diversity

Few hybrid seeds are chosen over diverse indigenous seed varieties

Low water table

Unchecked used of  underground water is a huge risk for the future

What we do in pursuit of change

Sustainable Farming

We feed the soil microorganisms with natural ingredients, we encourage pollinators like bees and birds, we use diverse seed varieties and in the process grow food that’s 100% naturally grown.

Farm-to-Table Marketplace

We grow food specifically for our customers enabling us to grow the right quantity reducing wastage, deliver directly at the optimal freshness levels and take out intermediate steps reducing contamination

Farmer Education

We recognize that the only way to scale this holistic and natural farming is by training farmers enabling them to reduce their costs over long term and help create a more sustainable environment

Who are we and why do we do it

Saurabh strongly believes in the role of sustainable agriculture in improving the overall environment sustainability. Given his experience in technology and business he is designing a viable business model centered on natural and holistic farming

Saurabh Maheshwari


 MBA, INSEAD, France

Ex-Bain, USA

Pradip spent last 30 years building a multinational agricultural pipe business spread across India and Africa. Having spend many years in a sector closely tied to agriculture, he’s now looking to bring industrial professionalism into natural farming and help build a symbiotic ecosystem

Pradip Mundra

Post Harvest

Former MD Tulsi Pipe

Narendra has been at the forefront of natural zero budget organic farming for around 20 years in Dhule. His 11 acre farm in Dhule serves as a demonstration for farmers in the region to practice natural farming. Narendra also conducts lectures in natural farming techniques around Maharashtra to help other farmers adopt zero budget natural farming

Narendra Jain

Farm Operations

Natural Farming Expert

Rajendra Bhatt

Organic/Natural Farming Expert

Hemkant Parte

Delivery Logistics

Vaibhav Vakade

Farm Operations

Highlights from our Team


As we move along this journey towards sustainable agriculture, we will measure our impact based on three key metrics

Trees Planted

Our goal is it to plant and nurture

10,000 trees in next five years

Managed Acres

We aim to bring 200 acres under holistic,

natural and sustainable cultivation

Water Added

We commit to being water neutral and put as

much water in the ground as we take out